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Mobile Applications

Looking to develop a top-notch mobile application??

Our lives are rotating around the utilization of mobile phones and mobile applications. From dealing with our day by day life tasks to dealing with our own wellbeing and professional needs, it does everything. They have completely changed the way we do business today. With the rapid increase in mobile phones, there has also been an increase in the acceptance of new devices like smartwatches and wireless headsets. Mobile apps now incorporate features of these smart devices and present the user a seamless experience.  
Blue lynx is full cycle mobile app development company with immense experience and excellent services. As there are various choices accessible in the market, client desires are rising quickly. We do our best to keep pace with the fast development of versatile and the present patterns in the industry. We not only develop apps but also acts as a full mobility consultant who sits with you and exchange ideas with your concept. You can indulge throughout the process of development and share your schemes and ideas with us. In our years of experience with clients over the globe, we can assure you will get nothing less than your desired product from us. 

iOS development

There is a huge population who prefer using apple phones. They are considered to be more secure from external malware and threats. Blue lynx have a specialized team on iOS-based mobile app development. With their strong expertise in Swift and Objective C, we can deliver our clients the best iOS applications.  We deliver end-to-end custom products that encompass the complete range of iOS devices, including iPad, Apple TV, watchOS and iPhones. From small quick fixes to full-fledged development of your Mobile App, get your desired application quickly and cost-effectively.  

Cross-platform mobile applications

Multi-platform mobile application development provides the user experience and functionality of native apps with the multi-platform compatibility of mobile web apps. This approach provides the best of both worlds and has been picking up a great deal of acceptance. We create first-rate fully-fledged mobile applications that run smoothly on multiple platforms, giving your application a worldwide presence. With cross-platform mobile apps, you get significantly broader target audience, lesser development expenses, reach markets on a global scale and thereby increase in revenue.   

Android development

As the most used mobile OS worldwide, android mobile applications have a huge number of audience. Android is flexible and gives you tools for various great looking and functioning apps, with its flexible nature our apps have the best-looking user interfaces that look perfect on each device. Android apps are easier to integrate and modify mobile apps to meet the needs of their business, as the platform is completely open to wide-ranging customization. We have varied and demonstrated experience with the Android SDK, as well as the set of libraries and API’s. Also, we have hands-on experience with the latest device technologies like sensors, NFC’s, etc.  

Mobile CMS applications

Mobile content management applications allow both the technical and non-technical users to alter application content as per their requirement. Using such apps, clients can themselves alter the looks and details of the application without having to entirely redesign or edit the code. They allow the admin users to have control over their applications by granting access to a wide range of tools including create, edit and delete content in the application data. Our mobile app development services cover distributing apps with prominent content management systems.  

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