The rapid development of technology and the Internet have revolutionized the way businesses communicate. To stay ahead of the competition, companies must enhance collaboration between geographically dispersed departments and branches while ensuring seamless communication among partners, investors and consumers. Video conferencing brings multiple benefits far beyond face-to-face communications. General requirements for a video conferencing system include:

  • High quality audio and video
  • Support for high-definition content sharing
  • Smooth low-bandwidth conferencing; and
  • Easy deployment and usage, especially for branches.

Yealink Video Conference Room Solution and Benefits:

Yealink’s full HD video conferencing system VC series boasts excellent performance and rich business features, especially for small to medium sized business users. The series includes the VC400 (for head offices) and the VC120 (for branches) and is the result of Yealink’s investment in advanced HD video technologies that deliver realistic face-to-face communications for remote participants. These include an 18x optical zoom HD camera and a 360-degree omnidirectional pickup microphone. A built-in powerful MCU allows 1080p video between four sites, plus 1080p content sharing.

Even with a high-definition video and audio experience, the VC series needs no additional dedicated network bandwidth (1080P at 1Mb bandwidth, 720P at 512Kb) and is supported by H.264 high-profile technology and intelligent network adaptability. Not having to upgrade existing networks translates into a real cost saving for many SMEs.

The VC series delivers intuitive operation through a friendly user interface and easy-to-use buttons that allow almost all operations to be carried out in no more than three simple steps. This means that even small businesses with no specialized IT staff will find the Yealink VC series easy to use. Auto deployment, USB recording, no licenses and no update costs are designed to make installation and operation easier than ever for customers.

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