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At Blue Lynx, we are constantly communicating to our partners, re-sellers and clients about products we sell and about exciting services that we can bring to their projects. Here is a compilation of overview documents and marketing materials that do just that.

Check back, as we are always updating and supplying new documents that communicates our process and capabilities. Please contact us if you need any further information about any of these products and services or information about any that you do not see here.

Blue Lynx

Description Link
Blue Lynx Company profile Download
Blue Lynx IP Telephony solutions Coming soon
Blue Lynx IP PBX Datasheet  Coming soon
Blue Lynx Design Workflow Coming soon

Yealink IP Phones

Model Description Link
SIP VP-T49G Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone  Datasheet
SIP-T48G Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone  Datasheet
SIP-T46G Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone  Datasheet
SIP-T42G Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone  Datasheet
SIP-T41P Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone  Datasheet
SIP-T40P Yealink Ultra-elegant Gigabit IP Phone Datasheet
SIP-T29G Yealink IP Phone
SIP-T27P Yealink IP Phone  Datasheet
SIP-T23G Yealink IP Phone
SIP-T23P Yealink IP Phone  Datasheet
SIP-T21P Yealink IP Phone  Datasheet

Yealink VCS

Model Description Link
VC400 Yealink VC System
VC120-18X Yealink VC System Datasheet
VC110 Yealink VC System Datasheet


Model Description Link
Vigor 2120/Vigor 2120N Broadband Router Datasheet
Vigor 2912 Broadband Router Datasheet
Vigor 2925 Broadband Router Datasheet
Vigor 2960 Broadband Router Datasheet
Vigor 3900 Broadband Router Datasheet
Vigor 2760 xDSL Router Datasheet
Vigor 2860 xDSL Router Datasheet
Vigor-AP710 Wireless Access Point Datasheet
Vigor-AP810 Wireless Access Point Datasheet
Vigor-AP900 Wireless Access Point Datasheet
Vigor-AP910C Wireless Access Point Datasheet
VigorSwitch G2260 Switches Datasheet
VigorSwitch G2141 Switches Datasheet
VigorSwitch P2261 Switches Datasheet
VigorSwitch P1090 Switches Datasheet

Yeastar IP PBX 

Model Description Link
MyPBX SOHO Ideal for SOHOs upto 32 users Datasheet
MyPBX Standard Ideal for SMBs upto 100 users Datasheet
MyPBX U100 1U rack mount model, for up to 100 users Datasheet
MyPBX U200 Up to 50 concurrent calls and 200 users Datasheet
MyPBX U300 PRI (E1/T1/J1) port, up to 300 users Datasheet
MyPBX U5xx Enterprise-grade solutions, up to 500 users Datasheet


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