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Robotics Solutions in Qatar

The world is changing rapidly today. Techonolgy, a beautiful creation of human beings is also rapidly changing. Every day, there is one new technological progress. From gigantic tools to tiny ones, every day at some corner of the world you see a new creation being made. Throughout the history of technology, you can see unending technological advancement happening.

The latest technological advancement in robotics has dramatically changed the whole perspective of the business world. With all these rapid changes, it becomes important for you to understand how you can utilise the power of robotic solutions for your business.

What is a robot?   

Simply put, robots are electronic machines that can be used to do jobs. Some robots are designed in such a way that they can do the work by themselves. Other robots are needed to have a person telling them what to do. 

What is robotics?

Robotics is the study of robots. With the increasing demand, the research on robots is too taking place at a fast pace. Across the globe, to replace humans from critical and hazardous jobs, the use of robots is becoming essential. And this is leading towards the extraordinary research and study on robots. 

Why the need of robots?

Humans have always used technology to improve their lives. Throughout the history of the civilization, we can cite millions and billions of technological creations which have been used for the benefit of human beings. In the beginning, the purpose of robots was to replace human beings from the dangerous and life threatening work environments. Today, the need of robots is extending from multinational companies to your home. From military to hospitals you can see robots greeting you and doing the tasks in a proper humanized way.

Robots and Industiral World

Robots have been extensively used in the industrial sectors for many years now. The first industrial robot was used in a General Motors automobile factory in 1962. This robot extracted die castings and performed spot welding. Robots are also used in the chemical and food and beverage industries to name a few. Robots have been designed to help increase productivity and optimize end product quality in such industries. The future market for robotic usage in an industrial sector is simply bright.

Future of Robotics

The robotics market is not fully advanced and mature today. The compatibility systems in the software have yet to emerge in the full capacity to allow the unique and rich advancement of the robotics environment. The future of robotics use in to sense the environment, make decisions, learn, etc. would become a part of 30% households and companies and this has been projected to happen by 2022. These are going to be intelligent robots for sure. 

 The future of robotics would be like that you'll be seeing robots as small as computer chips being inserted into everyday appliances such as vacuum cleaners. As technology makes progress or advances, the future of robotics continues to unfold tremendously.

Blue Lynx's Robotic Prodcuts for Your Organization

Our Robotic Products:

1. Sanbot


2. Pangolin Robots


3. Ava Telepresence Robots

Ava Telepresence enables remote users to collaborate with anyone, anywhere in your facility. By giving the remote user complete freedom of movement, Ava delivers an unparalleled immersive collaboration experience.

At the heart of this solution is the Ava Telepresence Robot, which provides autonomous and safe operation, combined with enterprise-grade video conferencing for an unmatched video and audio experience.

Ava Telepresence is ideal when freedom of movement and physical presence are needed to achieve an even more personal degree of collaboration within a dispersed workforce.

You can know about its key capabilities here!

Benefits of Using Robots for Your Organazation

Improved Efficiency

Industrial robots are able to complete certain tasks more efficiently and faster than human beings. And this is because they are designed and built to perform with the highest accuracy

Improved Quality

The use of industrial robots do improve the quality of work. Improved quality reduces the time required for quality control and makes sure that the standard part of quality is adhered well. This ultimately helps the organization's capacity to deliver the products or services on time. 

Improved Working Environment 

Robots can work in dangerous situations where humans cannot work. Sometimes, humans cannot do the repetitive tasks, but robots can do them easily and in much faster manner. It automatically improves the working conditions of the organization in many ways. This leads towards better safety within the organization. 

Increased Profitability 

It is a proven fact all over the world and across the industries that introducing industrial robots ensures higher levels of profitability with lower cost per unit of a product or service. The increased efficiency of your products or services due to robots helps to reduce the resources and time required to complete the process. This at the end saves money for the organization. 

Longer Working Hours Capacity

Robots are able to work for 24/7 and have the capacity to work at 100% efficiency. Whereas, humans cannot work for long hours and they have limitations to give 100% efficiency. It is estimated that an average 45% increase in the output of a production process takes place when a single person is replaced by a robot. Robots do not need to take holiday breaks as well. 

Organizational Prestige

Today, robots have been also used as a marketing tool. For clients, the company's image and brand matter a lot and in that sense if your organization is using robots, it gives a stunning and positive impression to customers. This is an added advantage you can take through robotics solutions in Qatar.

Why Choose Blue Lynx's Robotics Solutions?


Higher Accuracy

All our robotic products have been designed and crafted with a high level of accuracy. The chances of errors or mistakes are reduced considerably. 

Better Compliance

Our highly advanced robots, besides executing the instructions just the way they have programmed, are also capable of leaving an audit trail history of every step and actions taken by them.

Increased Productivity 

Since our robots perform at the fastest rate possible, the productivity of your employees' boost in many ways. You can relieve unnecessary work pressure of your employees using robotics solutions.

Reduced Costs

Blue Lynx has crafted robots in such a way that it reduces your costs in multiple ways. Our robotic products have minimal maintenance costs. This ultimately helps to reduce your business's operational costs. 


You organization can use our robotic software to gather workflow metrics besides running the processes smoothly. And this can also be used for analyzing how these data interfaces and processes can be optimized.

Flexibility, Adaptabilty and Scalability 

All our robotic products have a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and scalability which would ensure your tasks are performed qualitatively and speedily. 

To Conclude

If your organization is heavily dependent on human resources who work in a hazardous or a dangerous environment, then inviting robots at your place is the best practical move you can make right away. Even if your company wants a higher growth and reduced expenditure, going for robotic products is a right call. 

In today's changed world business dynamics, you cannot afford to stay behind your competitors in any way. Upgrading your organization with the advanced robotics solutions is an important aspect for many reasons. Technological advancement is the way forward for most of your business issues.  


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